A revolutionary tool, invented and designed by Seun Ola, that uses a tri-resistance concept. Body weight, band force, and free weights. Ideal for all fitness levels.

Designed to accommodate all individuals from injury recovering athletes to elite athletes, from seniors to fitness addicts, from stay at home moms to active individuals. Also designed to cater to rehabilitating individuals.

Lose weight
Tone & defined legs and gluteus/butt
Reduce cellulites
Build muscle
Strengthen joints
Increase mobility
Increase flexibility
Increase speed and power

EQT stands for Equitatus meaning cavalry. The EQT TRAINER is a patent pending tool designed to assist in execution and performance.

Compact, Simple and effective and can be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

Activate and work your muscles while going on a walk, walking your dog, cooking or doing household chores. Effective whether at play or work.

No Gyms required.

No hanger or support hook required.

Can only be purchased online and few select stores.

Classes offered in select cities around the world. Inquire for more details.

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