Fitness Academy

Features of the Platform

1. One on one video chat consultation.
2. Customised video work out routine.
3. Customised meal plan.
4. Forum for student interaction and communication worldwide.
5. Log your meal directly onto your personal portfolio on platform.
6. Check completed workout days on platform.
7. Monthly review and accessment.
8. Nutritional monitoring.
9. Email suppor.t
10. Coach's support via forum.
11. Accountability: By following up with wok out sessions via clients' own calendar within platform.
12. Quarterly periodisation principle system.
13. Limited class to allow for effective coaching and monitoring.


1. Limited class .
2. Acceptance based on questionnaire and consultation results.
3. Review and assessment is mandatory.
4. Quarterly review must be passed otherwise students expelled.
5. Motivation and determination is key.
6. Professional and courteous attitude towards the system and other students.
7. Point system grading.
8. No refunds unless the Academy rejects application.
9. Yearly class. Quarterly subscription.
10. A scale, Measuring tape are mandatory for consultation.
11. The Academy reserves the right to reject any applicant depending on Questionaire and consultation results at which point the applicant will be refunded.

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